Bay Area landmark restaurant Greens reopened on October 15 following a four-month closure due to a kitchen hood fire in June. They are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from the local community while they restored the main dining room back to its original craftsmanship and repaired the kitchen.

Reservations are open! (415-771-6222) Greens is located at ort Mason Center, Landmark Building A, 2 Marina Blvd in San Francisco. Check out the menu!

About Greens

Owned by the world-renowned San Francisco Zen Center, which includes Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Greens Restaurant pioneered vegetarian cooking and paved the way for establishing it as a cuisine in America. Green Gulch Farm, a residential Zen community and bountiful organic farm, provides the restaurant with fresh garden edibles, ranging from chard, leeks, and winter squash to flowering herbs. In addition to Green Gulch Farm, Greens draws from an extended family of local growers and organic farmers’ markets for its ingredients.

Annie Somerville is the nationally acclaimed chef and author of award-winning cookbooks. She has been executive chef of Greens since 1985. In 2019, Greens celebrates its 40th Anniversary.