Pan Fried San Francisco Sanddab - Pam-I-Am/

Pan Fried San Francisco Sanddab – Pam-I-Am/

On Mon., Aug 31, 25 anglers went out fishing in 1 Emeryville Sportfishing boat. Catch: 250 Rockfish and 10 lingcod.

On Sun., Aug 30, 6 boats went out with 109 anglers. Catch: 2 California Halibut, 12 Chinook (King) Salmon, 32 lingcod, 90 Pacific Mackerel, 150 Sanddab and 985 Rockfish.

Notes: The Sanddab is a flat fish, from the Flounder family, with a rich and buttery flavor, much like Petrale Sole. Their season is yearlong but they are only plentiful on and off during the year. Sanddab are prized for their delicate texture and flavor, though many people have never had the opportunity to savor this delectable fish.

Sandab must be in their plentiful stage now. On Aug. 28 four Emeryville Sportfishing boats caught 240 Sanddab and on the 25th, 3 boats went out and caught 250 Sanddab.

Emeryville Sportfishing is located in the Emeryville Marina at 3310 Powell Street in Emeryville, CA off Highway 80.  For printable driving directions from your location to Emeryville Sportfishing follow this link. To make reservations or find more information about Emeryville Sportfishing call (510) 654-6040.

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