Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and Elevate The Richmond Greenway!

By |January 17th, 2020|

Make The Richmond Greenway shine! Get up early on Monday morning, January 20th and join The Watershed Project at 9am at the corner of 8th St and The Greenway near Ohio! It’s time to maintain certain sections of The Greenway for a few hours. Volunteers wanted and needed!

What needs to be done? Tending to our plantings!

  • Moving mulch into place
  • Weeding
  • Picking up trash
  • Removing dead flowers and brush
  • Planting some new plants

What to bring? Bring your own water bottle and tools if you like. A jug of water will be at the Greenway. Gloves will be provided and tools. Don’t forget your sunscreen. They will provide some morning snacks.

Why? Maintaining and planting the Richmond Greenway ensures against heavy flooding, handles pollution in our waters, adds inspiration to our community’s walks and cycling and speaks to a greener Richmond for locals and trail visitors.

According to Paula White, Community Programs Manager, “We focus on creating a green infrastructure, rather than gray  In some places that may mean treating the earth like a sponge.” Those plantings absorb the pollutants that run off our streets on their way to the Bay. They are the real heroes!

DON’T FORGET: Saturday, January 20th, 9am at 8th  St & The Greenway, near Ohio in Richmond!

What is a watershed? Watershed is the area of land that drains rainwater into a common body of water such as a creek or bay. It is also the interdependent web of living organisms that inhabit a geographic area and depend on it for clean soil, air and water. Everything we do from Mountaintop to shore affects the environment, ecosystem, water, soil, health of families and communities.

Morning Treats! Bring your own water bottle for refills.

About the Watershed Project

The Watershed Project’s mission is to inspire Bay Area communities to understand, appreciate, and protect our local watersheds. They are working to restore and preserve the unique ecosystems that make up the San Francisco Bay, bringing a watershed perspective to the urban environment, promoting green design and supporting natural cycles. Education and outreach focus their efforts. The Watershed Project engages students, teachers and volunteers in creek beds and on the shorelines, giving them the tools to create and care for healthy watersheds. They reach out to support grassroots watershed organizations and nurture young people to aspire to environmental careers defending precious natural resources.Based out of Richmond, CA since 1997, they are committed to building resiliency, community, and awareness in the Bay Area. The Watershed* Project is located at the University of California Berkeley ‘s Richmond Field Site.

About the Richmond Greenway

When completed, the Richmond Greenway will have transformed a large stretch of previously abandoned railroad property into both a local and regional transportation and open space resource (City of Richmond website). The greenway will provide people with opportunities to walk, bike, exercise, socialize, learn about their community, observe local wildlife, and experience the outdoors with their families and friends.The Richmond Greenway will run along the former Santa Fe railroad corridor parallel to Ohio and Chanslor Streets and will ultimately connect the San Francisco Bay Trail on the west with the Ohlone Greenway in the City of El Cerrito on the east. A work in progress by many!