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SF’s Pier 39 Marina Joins Emeryville & Alameda Marinas’ Fight Against Pollution with Ocean Vacuums!

Seabin Project Celebrates a New Seabin Installation!

Seabin Project, the Aussie innovation that’s tackling marine plastic pollution and educating the next generation of ocean savers, installed a new Seabin in the Pier 39 Marina  Thursday, July 11th.  This is the area where families gather to watch the sea lions. Why is this so important?

The Seabin is a device created to reduce, and ultimately eliminate pollution in our oceans. Seabins act as a trash can for our waters and have the ability to remove microplastics, microfibers, plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts and more. You should see what people throw into our waterways. Many people are not familiar with the direct link between climate change and marine plastic pollution. But, out of the 320 million metric tons of new plastic mass-produced each year – almost all from oil – 8 million tons leak into the world’s oceans and waterways. Youv’e seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? At last sampling there were 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the patch that weigh an estimated 80,000 tons. Since Seabin Project was co-founded by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two avid ocean lovers, there have been Seabins installed in over 40 countries. What does this mean? Each day, a total of 1.95 tons of waste is extracted from our oceans. (Learn more about their innovative technology here.)

But Seabin Project doesn’t just stop with cleaning up our oceans. Their mission is to live in a world where the Seabin technology is not necessary, so they have dedicated their time to educate communities across the world about how to fight the plastic pandemic through concepts of reactive + preventative solutions and implementing Ocean Plastic STEM learning programs. (Learn more about Seabin’s education programs here.)

Seabins were installed in the Emeryville Marina and Alameda’s Ballena Isle Marina in  December of 2017, as their marina management company, Safe Harbor, participated in the Seabin Project’s global pilot study, and continues to install Seabins in all the marinas they manage. Pier 39 Marina’s Seabin is expected to remove 3 tons of marine pollution from San Francisco waters by end of 2019

Some Numbers:

Pete Ceglenski at the Ocean Summit. Photo/ Pedro Martinez/Volvo Ocean Race. 18 October, 2017.

  • Total number of Seabins installed worldwide: 719
  • Number of plastic bags that one Seabin can collect each year: 90,000
  • Number of plastic bottles that one Seabin can collect each year: 11,900
  • Total amount of marine litter captured to date: 114,916 kg  (over the last 2.5 years)
  • Total amount of marine litter captured each day: 1,952.33 kg

Co-founder Pete Ceglinski hosted a presentation at the  installation in San Francisco’s PIER 39 Marina Thursday, July 11th, 2019. He and his family are


Seabin Project co-founders Pete Ceglinski & Andrew Turton

Here’s how it all started. Two life-long surfer friends from Australia, appalled by the plastic and debris pollution in our waters, set out to clean up the ocean. They wanted to create a garbage bin that would collect the floating plastic. This got them started cleaning up the marine environment, one marina at a time. How? With the V5 Seabin, a floating vacuum filter device they invented that works like an ocean vacuum 24/7 continuously collecting floating debris – plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, detergent and more. Over two years Seabin Project co-founders Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton secured partners for a pilot study into the effectiveness of the seabin and now the Seabin Project has  evolved into a comprehensive research, educational and technology initiative with worldwide reach, including educational tools for students to get on board. The Seabin Project team believes that each child that learns to dispose of litter properly will grow to be one less source person for pollution of our oceans and waterways. Currently, according to Jambeck Research, 8.1M tons of mismanaged waste enters our oceans every year.

Here’s how it works:

  • The seabin is installed in a specific problem debris area, attached to a dock.
  • Water is filtered from the surface and passed through a catch bag inside the Seabin, powered by a submersible water pump.
  • Water is then pumped back into the water leaving the litter and debris trapped in the catch bag. Larger pieces of plastic may attach themselves to the bin.
  • Marina operators need to empty the catch bag at least twice a day, as it holds up to two pounds.

What are you doing to reduce your own plastic consumption? Make a climate action promise today!




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Get the Island Spirit @ Alameda Island Jam June 15th & 16th!

Join the Island Spirit! Alameda Island Jam brings the community out to Webster Street to celebrate summer and Father’s Day with live music, local wine, beers, spirits and tropical cocktails; lots of food, kid’s carnival, shopping and more!

WHEN: Saturday, June 15, 10am-5:30pm + Sunday, June 16 10:30am – 5:30pm

WHERE: Along historic Webster Street in Alameda


  • Thirsty Island Tiki Bar  – experience the relaxed island vibe, Tropical Cocktails, License to Chill and other Tiki Bar Bands
  • Two Live Band Music Stages
  • Island Jam Kid’s Zone is two full blocks of entertainment & carnival rides
  • Local craft beer and wine – Alameda Island Brewing, Faction Brewing, St. George’s Spirits & Rock Wall Wine Co.
  • Food, food, food – a lineup of international culinary pleasures. including Seafood, Poke, BBQ, Greek, Teriyaki, Mexican food and more!

       Band Lineup:

Ride Your Bike!

There’s no reason to worry about where to park your car. Take advantage of Alameda’s new bike lanes along Shoreline Drive by riding your bike to the JAM. Free, secure parking will be provided in the fenced in parking lot near Otaez Mexican Restaurant at Webster Street and Pacific Avenue.

About Alameda Island Jam

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce Island Jam has become a Father’s Day Tradition embraced by patrons and sponsors alike. The 2019 Island JAM will kick off summer for thousands of fair-goers who long for the sights and sounds of the Islands. The Island theme and county fair atmosphere distinguishes the Island Jam from other street fairs, attracting people from all over the Bay Area.

About Alameda Chamber of Commerce

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non profit, volunteer organization of business people working to improve the city’s economic and civic vitality. They rely on membership investment revenues, city support and funds generated from events. For over 85 years, the Alameda Chamber has been the proactive voice for business in Alameda.

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Happy World Oceans Day!

Pictured is the Blue Whale, once on the endangered species list but brought back to fruition due to the  undying efforts of many individuals and organizations since the 1970s, including General Whale, Greenpeace and  World Wildlife Fund. When the ocean is healthy, the ecosystem is healthy and whales, sea creatures and fish thrive. And then we thrive.

Today is Happy World Oceans Day! We have made some progress in cleaning up our waters, but our commitment must be greater here on land. Now. Join the global #WorldOceansDay community to take action for our ocean!

Why celebrate our oceans?

  • Oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface and hold 97% of our planet’s water.
  • The oceans help feed us and provide most of the oxygen that we breathe.
  • Oceans also play a key role in regulating the weather and climate. Water evaporating from the oceans falls inland as rain, which we then use to drink and grow crops.
  • A variety of life-saving medicinal compounds including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs have been discovered in the oceans.
  • The oceans provide us with abundant opportunities for recreation and inspiration (worldoceansday.org)
  • Did you know there are more than 250 species of water turtles in our oceans? And 61% of them are near extinction? (worldwildlife.org)

Deanna Conners, writer for Earth Magazine suggests that on World Oceans Day  you “…plan or find an event. Participate on social media. Or … just go to the beach!” And while at the beach or other waterway, pick up the plastic trash that others leave behind. Reducing plastic use is the number one need and promise to move this effort forward. Remember the huge Great Pacific Garbage Patch? And recent studies showed there is even more plastic pollution in the deep see than in the garbage patch.

Threats to the oceans include pollution, overfishing, invasive species, and rising ocean acidity due to the extensive use of fossil fuels. And we are all aware of the threat to the ocean due to plastic waste. Find your own way to help protect your oceans. .More from the Climate Action Summit.

A few ways you can celebrate Happy Oceans Day. 

  • Pack a picnic & take some bags for capturing trash and head to your fav waterway or bay or beach. Be inspired by the water and pick up any trash.
  • Make a promise to Climate Action. At SF on the Bay, we did. We committed to cutting back our plastic use by 75% last year. And now we want to cut out plastic bottle use  entirely except when necessary when traveling. You can make your promise now and let us know. Samantha Mackiewicz, above, did her part by kayak in March 2019.
  • Recycle and use reusable water bottles and grocery bags to help reduce plastic pollution
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use and purchasing energy efficient products in the future.
  • Make sustainable seafood choices to protect marine life, and there are now sustainable seafood guides available for many countries around the world.

About World Oceans Day

Canada first proposed the concept for World Oceans Day in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In December 2008, a United Nations resolution designated June 8 of each year as World Oceans Day.

More information about what you can do to reveres the climate change effects – coming soon  Join our community and let’s pick up that plastic we see laying around.

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Save the Date! Richmond Rainbow Pride June 2nd Event

Come Celebrate Richmond Rainbow Pride’s Fifth Birthday!

WHEN: Sunday, June 2, 10am – 3pm

WHERE: Marina Bay Park – Regatta Blvd & Melville Square in Richmond

WHAT:  Annual Richmond Rainbow Pride Event  – This year they are also commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, a gay club in Greenwich Village.

What’s happening this year?

  • Proclamation – presented by Supervisor John Gioia representing West County
  • Community Awards
  • Free STD testing by CCC Public Health Services
  • Get a job! UPS will interview and hire for jobs on site again this year. They had 6-8 HR people at the park in 2018.
  • New flag presentation
  • Annual art project for the whole community
  • Water will be provided. Bring your own picnic lunch and a cup for the water. Taco truck and drinks. Friendly dogs allowed – on leash only.

Celebrating five years, Richmond Rainbow Pride values and welcomes its community partners and LGBTQI – friendly businesses and organizations to its annual Pride event. Since the beginning the group wanted to be visible. “By having this family-friendly event, we are visible,” says Richmond Rainbow Pride vice president, BK Williams. ”And people can be grateful Richmond Rainbow Pride is part of their community.”

“We are building community and we want people to know they are not alone.” According to Williams, board members talk to every person that comes to the pride event. “We want them to have a good time. We are proud to celebrate and come together.” Conversations are very important. “Everyone is able to sit down and talk,” continues Williams. “It’s a way to connect.”

You can become a community event sponsor! Find out more. Want to volunteer? June 2nd is coming up and they need all the help they can get at Marina Park from 8-10am. Sign up here.

Thank you Sponsors!

  • Airbnb
  • Green Remedy
  • Holistic Healing Collective
  • Left Side Printing
  • New West Company
  • Office of Mayor Tom Butt
  • Renewal by Andersen
  • UPS
  • Various community individuals
  • Zell and Associates

Thank you Community Partners!

  • Contra Costa Public Health
  • Contra Costa County Health Services Department
  • Divas Entertainment
  • GRIP
  • LAMBDA Democratic Club
  • Mira Vista School
  • Multicultural Bookstore
  • New York Life
  • Oasis Legal Services
  • Office of Supervisor John Gioia
  • Open Door United Methodist Church
  • Point Molate Alliance
  • Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC)
  • Rainbow Community Center
  • Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA)
  • RYSE
  • Sierra Club
  • Somos Familia
  • West County Democratic Club

ABOUT Richmond Rainbow Pride ~ Family . Friends . Community

Richmond Rainbow Pride (RRP) is a group of LGBTIQQ individuals and allies who live, work and/or play in or near Richmond, CA, coming together for the collective benefit of the LGBTIQQ community of Richmond. RRP creates spaces that are safe and welcoming to the LGBTIQQ community of Richmond; holds events of interest to the community; advocates for the interests of the community; and promotes LGBTIQQ visibility in the greater Richmond community.

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Summer Updates from our Favorite Taprooms

East Brother Releases Freighter Series DOUBLE IPA June 1st!

On Saturday, June 1st East Brother Beer Co. releases their first Double IPA — the latest in their new Freighter Series — a doubled-up homage to a classic West Coast style IPA. “It’s brewed with a big tropical aroma and balanced bitter finish,” says co-founder Rob Lightner. “This one is sure to transport you to beer days gone by.”

Cans and Draft will be available day of in the taproom and wherever you find East Brother beer in your neck of the woods. If you have not yet visited, it’s time you do. Wed. night is rec night and all other days there are food trucks, games, bocce, ping pong, and more!

Hours: Wed/Thu 4-8pm; Fri 4-9pm; Sat noon -9pm and Sun noon-6pm.  1001 Canal Blvd in Richmond. 510-230.4081

Almanac Launches Hypernova Volume One!

Prepare for hyperspace! Hypernova Volume One launches from the intergalactic depths of the Almanac Barrel House.

Hypernova Volume One is a 100% mixed-culture fermented sour alien drank aged in oak barrels with megatons of citrons, pomelos, grapefruit, cherries, black currants, vanilla beans & a touch of lactose (milk sugar). Hypernova Volume One is their first ever barrel-aged sour beer created with lactose – with the highest fruit content in a beer, yet at close to 125lbs per barrel!

“Hypernova is an experiment in the combination of aromatic citrus with the intense flavors of cherry and black currants,” according to Brewmaster, Phillip Emerson. “The experience is amplified by a creamy lactose mouthfeel with a subtle sweetness, and finishes with an olfactory overload from the addition of whole vanilla beans. It is true intergalactic decadence.”

Hypernova is now available at the Almanac Barrel House, Brewery and Taproom in Alameda with a very limited distribution in 4-packs of 16oz cans and 5.2gal draft until sold out!

Hours: Mon – Thurs, 12-9pm; Fri/Sat 12-10pm; Sun 12-6pm. 651 W. Tower Ave on Alameda Point in Alameda. 415.992.3438

Alameda’s Faction Brewing Toasts Summer on the Patio!

Hang with your friends on the great patio (lead photo) at  Faction Brewing on Alameda Point looking out over the Bay to the San Francisco skyline.  Food Trucks daily and tons of room for you and your friends. Layer up as you never know with sun and winds on the Bay.  Save the Date! ALES for ALS is happening on July 27, 2019. This annual event raises money and awareness of ALS.  Food Trucks: June 1st Grilled Cheez Guy + Locos only; June 2nd Sip + Slide.

Hours: Wed. – Sat. 12-8pm; Sun. 12-6pm. 2501 Monarch Street in Alameda  510-523-BREW (2739)

Mural by Ryan David Labonte  – Faction Brewing’s Warehouse is lined with four different artists’ murals

(Lead photo Courtesy of Faction Brewing in Alameda)

Armistice Brings Back “Wort Art” Hazy Double IPA in 16 oz. cans!

Armistice Brewing Co. brings back “Wort Art” Hazy Double IPA  in 16oz cans! This beer has the classic, Armistice mouthfeel thanks to the ridiculous amount of oats and wheat. Then we added an insane dose of Citra, Ekuanot, and Simcoe hops which give it bursting flavors of citrus and guava.

Cans will only be for sale in the taproom. If you ordered online, you have until Friday May 31 (1 Week) to pick up your order. This is to not only streamline the order pickup process, but to also give everyone a chance to get some cans.

Taproom Release: Noon to Sold Out
Price: $22/4pk
Limits: 3, 4pks/person
Online Order Link: ToastTab.com/Armisticebeer

Hours: Sun – Thurs, noon – 10pm; Fri/Sat. noon- midnight. 845 Marina Bay Parkway, #1 in Richmond.  510.230.4966.

Summer Tour!

Summer is touring all our dog – friendly places in the East Bay, yet does wait patiently when she has to stay in the car. Currently reviewing breweries wineries and eateries.

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