Artemis wins 1st place - Giles Martin-Raget/ACEA 2015

Artemis wins 1st place – Giles Martin-Raget/ACEA 2015

Artemis Racing’s skipper Nathan Outteridge and crew were exuberant as they finally took 1st place in Race 3 Sunday in their hometown Gothenburg, Sweden, to the cheers of all their fans. ETNZ took 2nd and Land Rover BAR 3rd. Oracle was in 4th. Double points’ racing weighs heavily in Sunday’s races. At the end of Race 3 ETNZ, BAR and USA are tied overall for the America’s Cup Louis Vuitton World Series Event 2 with 34 points each.

Lighter winds prevailed and there was no foiling, as boats can’t generate enough speed to make the foils work. Getting to the first mark is all about what angle will get you there faster. Tacticians have to determine to go with the wind or against the wind and take advantage of every shift. Code 0 (larger sail for downwind) sails play a vital role on days like this, as does positioning on the boat – shifting weight as the environment changes. Anticipating winds by studying dark spots (puffs in the water) is key.

Light winds make for slow difficult racing - Giles Martin-Raget/ACEA 2015

Light winds make for slow, difficult racing – Giles Martin-Raget/ACEA 2015

Race 4 had a little more wind and the start ended up pretty even except for Artemis in last. Commentators said that in conditions like today’s, “You are a hero one minute and a goat the next.“  Oracle was out in front and then in leg 3 the wind shifted and their lead just evaporated in a quick minute. Japan took the lead. Meanwhile, New Zealand was making huge gains. And in one more wind shift, ETNZ was in the lead sailing very well, positioning weight on the boat as they adjusted to the weird winds. Tactician’s judgment was key.

Team New Zealand takes 1st place in Race 4 and 1st place in Event 2 of the America’s Cup Louis

New Zealand takes first in Race 4 and wins Event 2 in Gothenburg - Giles Martin-Raget/ACEA 2015

New Zealand wins Event 2 in Gothenburg – Giles Martin-Raget/ACEA 2015

Vuitton World Series. In Race 4 Softbank Japan takes 2nd place and they are a brand new team. Groupama Team France takes 3rd and they too have a new crew learning to work together. Oracle Team USA takes 4th (really stings after winning two first places in Sat.’s races) with BAR in 5th and Artemis last. “That was brutal,” said Jimmy Spithill, as Oracle crossed the line (on-board audio).

Event 3 of the World Series regattas will take place Oct. 16-18 in Bermuda, host of the 35th America’s Cup Match.


Summary of event 2 in Gothenburg, Sweden:

Place Team Points

1st – Emirates Team New Zealand – 54

2nd – ORACLE TEAM USA – 48

3rd –  Land Rover BAR – 46

4th – Softbank Team Japan – 43

5th – Artemis Racing – 42

6th – Groupama Team France – 37

Overall World Series Summary, Events 1 & 2:

1st – Emirates Team New Zealand –72

2nd – Land Rover BAR – 65

3rd – ORACLE TEAM USA – 64

4th –Softbank Team Japan – 56

5th – Artemis Racing – 53

6th – Groupama Team France – 50

The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series runs over two years – 2015 and 2016. The winner of the series will carry two points forward into the round robin phase. Second place in the series carries one point. At the end of the round robin, any ties will be broken using these results. That means the AC World Series could determine which team receives the bonus point for the America’s Cup Match and which team is eliminated.

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