What are you doing Saturday for lunch? Grab your friends and get down to the Bay for a delicious chowder tasting, Pier 43 to be exact. The 2017 Wharf Fest Chowder Competition & Street Fair happens Saturday, October 21, from 11am to 5pm at Fisherman’s Wharf and is going to be a stiff competition this year among the many acclaimed chefs. Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco, will be participating in the contest serving up a unique Salmon-Bacon Chowder recipe. “Chowder Fest is a wonderful event for all the restaurants in Fisherman’s Wharf to really feature what makes San Francisco unique,” says Avery Burgert, Hard Rock Cafe SF Sales & Marketing Manager. “All of us at Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco are so excited to participate.”

Hard Rock’s Salmon-Bacon Chowder served up in fresh local French bread loaves. Yum!

When asked why they were entering a Salmon Chowder,  Avery replied, “Hard Rock’s Salmon-Bacon Chowder is an old Hard Rock Cafe recipe that we recreated specificall