These Humpback whales were captured on video by kayakers on Sunday. So awe inspiring about the Bay Area we call home and the wonderful friends that visit us in the Bay!  Christine Gonsalves, Co Owner of Whales & Friends in Alameda, explained that the excitement is that we can now feed the whales again in the San Francisco Bay, because our Bay is healthy.Humpback whale

“I thought I would have to spend thousands of dollars and travel to Southeast Alaska to see lunge feeding humpback whales, but it turns out all I really need to do is to go whale watching from shore at Treasure Island.

“What a treat that endangered humpback whales are returning to San Francisco Bay after being hunted for decades and brought to the brink of near extinction. Feeding humpbacks right in our backyard is a great sign that the San Francisco Bay is getting healthier and that the whales are rebounding too!”

Stay tuned as we we follow the whales with Christine.