Café, woodcut, 2015, 21" x 23 1/2”  - Linda Lee Boyd

Café, woodcut, 2015, 21″ x 23 1/2” – Linda Lee Boyd

Café, Linda Lee Boyd’s, 2015 entry in the Annual Emeryville Art Exhibit (Oct. 3-25), was inspired by her trips to Paris with her late husband. In 2010 she captured these people in a café near Sacre Coeur, showing the cosmopolitan diversity of the wonderful city of Paris.

Linda is a longtime supporter and board member of the Celebration of the Arts – since 1992 – as an entrant in the exhibit and as a volunteer. According to Linda, “The Annual Emeryville Art Exhibit is a real celebration of the arts of the residents and workers in Emeryville. For me, it’s a chance to exhibit as well as a way to work with the community.” Linda’s woodcuts are in the collection of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the Janet Turner Print Museum in Chico and in the Fetterly Gallery collection at the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation. View more of her work.

“Linda Lee Boyd’s woodcut prints are a continuation of the figurative tradition. The most salient quality of Boyd’s woodcuts, aside from their technical finesse, is their personalness. What we are seeing is the quiet yet studied and thoughtful work of an artist who lives in an ordinary, day-to-day world inhabited by ordinary day-to-day people. Subjects are chosen and then rendered from a time consuming and labor-intensive process of woodblock printing to become anything but ordinary. Boyd’s technical abilities as an artist are readily apparent; her work has been described as ‘sonnets in wood.’ It is perhaps her ability to take her friends and co-workers and create poetry from them that is her highest achievement. “ Daniel Robesky, Curator & Director, Fetterly Gallery, Vallejo, CA

How do you create a woodcut print?

The twitter version: draw on a board, cut away the white areas, ink up the raised areas, put down a sheet of paper and run it through a press. Each color is a separate board. Learn more.