Todd C. Price

In November of 2012, the San Francisco Bay lost one of its most loyal fans, Todd C. Price, at the young age of 60. “Todd was passionate about being on the water – it was therapeutic for him,” recalls Orah Goldman, lifetime partner of Todd. “He was almost always on the water 24/7.”

Todd had worked on the SF Bay on ferries for 30 years for the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway Transportation District and prior to that had worked on tugboats. He also was an avid sailor for ten years and raced on Thursday nights with the Cal Sailing Club. Todd was a dedicated member and volunteer, dropping by on his way home most evenings.
Doing what he loved most, Todd was at the helm of the RS Venture (a 16′ long dingy with stabilization perfect for lessons), sailing singlehanded in front of CSC when his life was taken from him.
“I watched Todd sailing that afternoon… read more for quite awhile and saw that he had a huge grin on his face. He was very very happy. Todd absolutely adored sailing and adored the Cal Sailing Club,” said Jane Morson, CSC Member. He gave 100% to the (non-profit) club, teaching sailing, running the Saturday morning lessons and running clinics.” Todd matched up skippers with whoever showed up for lessons on Saturdays and in the clinics. Not only did Todd teach people to sail, but he also taught sailing theory and rope splicing techniques.
“I’m a really lucky person,” continues Jane. “I have traveled all over the world and have never seen a sailing club like this one. CSC meant so much to Todd, as it does to its other members. CSC is a sailing club that offers people of all means, access to sailing and windsurfing at an affordable price.”
And that truly is what Todd believed. Todd also volunteered with the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS), where he assisted sailors with disabilities to get back out on the water and learn new ways to navigate.
Todd had an insatiable thirst for knowledge – always studying and was self-taught in many subjects. He would spend evenings at his computer with The Teaching Company DVD courses on subjects ranging from The Joy of Science to Understanding the Fundamentals of Music to the History of the English Language to the World’s Greatest Structures.
He recently took the examinations for a Master license for 100 gross ton vessels (ferry boats, harbor tour boats, whale watching boats, etc.), which would have enabled him to live his dream of employment on these vessels anywhere in the world during his golden years, “It is really sad because he was so looking forward to his retirement. We were going to

travel and we would pursue his sailing dreams, as well as my travel dreams,” said Orah.
Todd also wanted to teach sailing on the south coast of France, sail the canals and rivers of Europe (inspired by a 2008 cruise trip down the Danube River) and still dreamed of finishing his Masters in Psychology and apply it to embellish his sailing travels overseas.

Those who knew him and his love of the San Francisco Bay will remember Todd’s contributions to the sailing and boating communities around the Bay.