The first place winner in the 70+ is Bob Bruce, a Senior Associate with WJE (Wiss, Janney Elstner Associates) at 2000 Powell St., close to the Emeryville Marina where he received his tie-dyed medal Saturday with a time of 56:46. “I think I have come to every one of these,” he said. “But this is the best medal!” The 2018 Shortest Triathlon Ever celebrated its tenth year Saturday, March 24 and was once again managed by On Your Mark Events in collaboration with the City of Emeryville.

“It was an invigorating swim,” commented Mayor John Bauters who only had a sleeveless wetsuit, “and  if I had been tired before the swim, I was certainly awake afterwards!” Bauters is already planning ahead for next year’s Shortest Tri. 

Winning first place overall for men was Marin Rodriquez #313, with 29:49 and first place overall all for women was Rhea Sanchez  #314, with 34:22. “Emeryville Day on the Bay was a great success this year,” continued Mayor Bauters. “I am grateful to all the small businesses and community partners who worked with the steering committee and me to make this event possible. Roughly 500 people attended and we look to grow this event next year. I want to thank Vice Mayor Ally Medina and Council members Dianne Martinez, Scott Donahue and Christian Patz for the strong support of community events like Emeryville Day on the Bay. I am also proud that all of them participated in the World’s Shortest Triathlon with me!”

Emeryville Day on the Bay is a dog friendly event

The end of the race dovetailed into the beginning of Emeryville Day on the Bay. And it was a beautiful day on the Bay. Fish Emeryville’s fishing boats were open for tours and rides as 510 Waterline introduced lots of guests to Stand Up Paddle boarding down on the docks in Emeryville Marina. There was great food from Public Market Emeryville including Hot Italian’s Pizza and Shiba Ramen’s Spicy Ramen. City Manager Carolyn Lehr was impressed with the crowd, “There is not one empty table!”