The infamous mudflats in Emeryville had three art sculptures left after its long history since the 1950s, and late Wed., May 3, 2017, Vice Mayor John Bauters heard that the Red Baron plane and pilot fell into SF Bay. Not knowing if they were shot down, he solicited Mayor Scott Donahue and the Public Works Department to help him retrieve the aircraft. PW said to wait until low tide on Thurs., May 4 at 2pm.  “I wanted to save it before it got buried in sand and mud. I am a Snoopy fan so it was a no brainer for me to want to save this.”

Emeryville is known for its vibrant public arts program and probably has more public art per square footage than any other city. Thus, the rescue effort. Waiting for low tide, the crew started laying the foundation to extricate the Red Baron from its entrapments about 1pm Thurs. afternoon.