Summer is here and everyone’s swimming, including Chinook Salmon, Rockfish and more. Lots going on at Fish Emeryville down in Emeryville Marina.

Great Chinook Salmon catch on 7/27 Photo/Capt. Al

We checked in with Captain Al whose group caught four quick limits of salmon (up to 10 pounds!) on July 27.

The latest fishing report: On July 27 five boats went out from Fish Emeryville with 89 anglers. The catch?

60 Chinook Salmon,  85 Lingcod and 570 Rockfish!

Reserve a space for your family and friends now.

Fish Emeryville is located at 3310 Powell St in the Emeryville Marina. They specialize in providing fishing adventures in San Francisco Bay and outside the Golden Gate. FIsh Emeryville has eight fully equipped sportfishing boats. All boats and Captains meet U.S. Coast Guard standards and are certified for your safety. All boats have comfortable inside seating with tables and clean restrooms. And all the captains want to make your fishing adventure rewarding and safe!

You can book your reservation at (510) 652-3403.