imagesImagine a 1.9 acre waterfront park. And the preservation of Richmond’s Terminal One wharf. Plus a boardwalk with benches and boardwalk gardens, picnic tables, BBQs, an informal amphitheater – and all connected to The Bay Trail on the San Francisco Bay in this new waterfront development called Terminal One.

Terminal One will have 334 units in five buildings, including 26 two and three story townhouses. According to plans submitted by developer Terminal One LLC, the project includes residential and public open spaces as well as road and trail improvements on and off the site. Since the land is owned by the City of Richmond, the project is subject to a Land Disposition Agreement where the City sells the developer 11.9 acres of the property for the residential undertaking and the City retains the 1.9 acre waterfront park, Terminal One wharf, Shoreline Drive and the Bay Trail Loop.EatsnTreats565

The Design Review Board endorsed the master plan – and the Terminal One LLC is just waiting for the next nod of approval from the Planning Commission. A Planning Commission Public Hearing is scheduled for Thurs.,Apr. 7, 2016, 6:30pm in Council Chambers at 440 Civic Center Plaza in Richmond.The Planning Commission will receive comments regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and then make their recommendations to City Council.

Terminal One is located at 1500 Dorman Drive in the Point Richmond neighborhood on a 13.8 acre site, which has a rich maritime history and a deep water marine wharf. It is also close to the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline Park.

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