Rosie Rally Home Front Festival & Riggers Loft Rosie Rally ‘After Party’

Details on the Rosie Rally:

WHEN: August 10, 2019 – 11am-4pm

WHERE: Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South in Richmond

WHAT: Celebrate the legacy of Rosie the Riveter, an icon for women across the world in this free and fun family-friendly event with festivities, great food, costume contests, dancing and more! View the Rosie Rallies here.

  • Speeches & recognition honoring original WWII Rosies and home front workers and celebrating the ordinary people from many backgrounds, races and communities across the U.S. who stepped up to extraordinary challenges during WWII.
  • Original Rosies available after the programto share stories about their education, training, and work during World War II. Their groundbreaking efforts were hailed as critical to the war effort and to breakthroughs for women in the workplace.
  • Historical WWII and park themed activities
  • Welding demonstrations taught by the Northern California Carpenters Union
  • Shipyard badge making
  • Educational victory gardening
  • Bay Trail history walk. At 2pm gather at the Richmond Museum of History table to start the 2.5-mile Home Front History Hike along the Richmond waterfront at Marina Bay. Enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco, get some fresh air and exercise and learn about local history with Karen Buchanan and John Gioia.
  • A chance to board a real WWII Jeep
  • Opportunity to visit Shipyard 3 and go aboard the Red Oak Victory ship to learn about ship construction
  • Marine conservation demonstrations
  • East Bay Regional Parks’ Nature Van with local reptiles
  • Golden Gate Parks/One Tam nature van.
  • Films at the National Park Visitor Center
  • Assemble Restaurant and food trucks throughout the day
  • Stage performances in a variety of 40’s musical styles provided by East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
  • New this year! Instead of breaking the Guinness record, Rosie the Riveter Trust encourages everyone to update Rosie or represent home front occupations in creative ways, or to come in traditional garb to join the largest Rosie celebration and festival yet!
  • Find Directions, Details on Contests & Activities and What to Wear here
  • Join 510-Waterline’s Just Paddle Rosie the Riveter 9-10:30am, Saturday, August 10 at Marina Bay

The After Party at Riggers Loft

After you have attended the Rosie Rally, Riggers Loft invites you to come to their wine & cider tasting bar dressed as Rosie! Anyone wearing a Rosie outfit, or wearing a Rosie Rally wristband will enjoy all day long (open Saturday 1-10pm):

  • $2 off glasses of wine or cider
  • 20% off bottles of wine or cider

Riggers Loft is located at 1325 Canal St across from the Red Oak Victory Ship on beautiful San Francisco Bay. Stay and watch the sunset. Food Truck – The Eating.


Sunset at Riggers Loft Wine Co.