Thrillest, an online newsletter that tells you where to eat, drink and have fun, recently determined the best dive bars in every state in the U.S. Out of all the cities and towns throughout California, the Thrillest authors chose a legendary bar in Oakland. Here is what Andy Kryza and Matt Lynch wrote on Sept., 19, 2017, about Oakland’s very own Kingfish Pub.

“With dive bars in hip cities increasingly faced with the wrecking ball, the Kingfish’s survival is something of a Cinderella story… provided Cinderella’s voice was too raspy from Virginia Slims to sing properly, and her mouse friends were actually rats. With condos encroaching on its space, the place got saved by Oakland’s Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board, then was straight-up loaded onto a trailer and moved down the street. So what changed? Nothing. The ceilings still require a tall man to duck upon entry and the intense shuffleboard games rage on. Hell, if we didn’t know better, we’d think that some of the patrons never even got up from their seats as the building was moved. And if they did, it was the first time that it happened in decades. ”

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Kingfish Pub is located at 5227 Telegraph Ave in Oakland. (510) 655-7373. You may want to put Kingfish Pub on your weekend to-do list once you read their story on the homepage of their website.