• When:  Fri. & Sat., June 22-23 -10am – 6pm; Sun., June 24 – 10am – 5pm
  • Where: Montclair Village – La Salle & Mountain Blvd.
  • What: Montclair Village Summer Art Walk Boutique – A Handcrafted, Art Alfresco Experience

65 Bay Area artists celebrate art in the outdoors on the sidewalks of Montclair against the scenic backdrop of the Oakland Hills. Visit the event, connect with the artists and find a unique treasure among all the handcrafted works to take home. And it is free!

Among the celebrated artisans participating in this year’s event:

Mixed Media

Dani Arrecis of Oakland starts her mixed media portraits from a collection of odd and unique things. Over the last ten years Dani has amassed a significant collection of art. “Each piece is unique and has a story to be told and these little trinkets inspire each and every work I create.” From rolls of caution tape to vintage Monopoly game pieces, Dani has applied them in such a way that encourages viewers to see the beauty behind everyday objects. “I deliberately choose floral fabrics that are audacious and bright, or may even remind you of your grandmother’s old couch,” she adds.

Dani created a series of selfies inspired by strangers she met walking around Oakland. “Each face represents an interaction that allowed me to see a bit of myself in them or vice versa, so respectively, the portraits are merger of myself and the stranger that I identified with. Staying true to my mixed media background I used vibrant floral fabric that I felt embodied the personality of the given stranger and embellishments that embodied my own.”

Bird Vest By Lorna

Hand Painted Designs by Lorna (in Napa) are one-of-a-kind hand painted garments and accessories effusing creativity. Her line includes jackets, vests, pants, tops, dresses, handbags, and pillows. Ever since the age of 12, Lorna has been fascinated with fabrics and color, “I locked myself away in the bedroom with my mother’s Singer Featherweight sewing machine. And then with pattern and paints in one hand and an enduring passion to create, I discovered my unique talent for hand painted designs as I experimented with paints and cotton fabrics.” Inspired by the beauty and ambiance of Napa, Lorna says she has the privilege of bringing joy, beauty and a little bit of fun to those wearing her whimsical collection.

Because every piece is hand made, some garments will vary slightly. This makes each piece a unique work of art. Lorna’s tagline: “Dare to wear whimsy!”


Berkeley Hills by Oakland Artist Enrico Antiporda

Enrico Antiporda of Oakland creates vivid oil paintings including Caribbean and Asian Pacific landscapes, nudes and still life. His newest paintings were inspired by French Fauve artists and can be described as a merging of pop art and folk art. “I create colorful, whimsical paintings,” says Enrico. “They are meant to be enjoyable and uplifting. If a painting makes my customer smile and feel good whenever he or she looks at it, then I would have done my job as an artist.” He also is an author. Check out the story about Jimbo, the Homeless Cat.


Mi Jung is a graduate jewelry designer from the Gemological Institute of America.

Mi Jung Penzien of Alameda visualizes her jewelry as wearable art. She aims for simplicity in her jewelry which incorporates sterling silver and gems. “I like to create pieces that are not defined by tradition or boundaries, to free our minds and connect our hearts,” she says. “The process of creation from conception to completion is intimate and meditative. Each material has its own life.”

Mi Jung believes that “Jewelry is nothing if not a reminder. Or an escape. Beauty in life is being able to enjoy what draws us in. To adorn, also to express who we are.”


Dog Treat Jar with Golden Retriever ‘Ball Dog’

Susan Troy was born and raised in Berkeley. She creates functional and whimsical ceramics, striving to bring the poetry of nature, the magic of color, and the warmth of humor into every day life. Much of her decorative work is painted freehand onto raw clay, fired, glazed, then fired again to create a smooth, food safe and watertight surface. “The challenge of transferring painting techniques on paper to the ceramic surface has been a long and often frustrating journey, but also a rewarding one,” she says.

The Montclair Village Summer Art Walk takes place in the Montclair business district on Mountain Avenue at LaSalle, off highway 13, between Park Boulevard and Thornhill Drive. For more information, contact the Montclair Village Association at (510) 339-1000 or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals at (209) 267-4394, www.pacificfinearts.com. You can also see more information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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