For over a year San Leandro has been anticipating the day, when this bigger-than-life 55-foot sculpture of a woman moves to her new home. Truth is Beauty will be arriving in Downtown San Leandro on Sat., Oct. 1 at 1pm at

Truth Is Beauty Stretching - Photo/Eleanor Preger

Truth Is Beauty Stretching – Photo/Eleanor Preger

the Plaza Bus Stop, 1233 E. 14th St.

She will be transported on a flatbed truck through town to her resting spot at the Westlake Urban Tech Campus next to the BART station. Weighing in at 13,000 lbs, this awe-inspiring stainless steel sculpture will light up the night sky with 2,500 LED lights.

Welcome ceremony attendees will be able to get up close and personal with Truth Is Beauty as she makes her way down E. 14th. The truck will pull into the recessed bus stop area on southbound E 14th street between Davis St. and Estudillo Ave. around 1 – 1:15pm.  The truck will be out of the street in the bus stop area for approximately 30 min., while the community can celebrate her arrival in the city of San Leandro.

Out on the sidewalk, officials will say a few words and sculptor Marco

Sculptor Marco Cochrane - Photo/ Jay R. Houghton

Sculptor Marco Cochrane – Photo/ Jay R. Houghton

Cochrane, Truth is Beauty’s creator, will talk to us about how this piece expresses the unleashed power women have in a world where they feel safe. Truth is Beauty is one of three pieces in Cochrane’s Bliss Project, all telling the story of bringing women’s energy in balance with men’s through respect, appreciation and protection. Truth is Beauty debuted at Burning Man 2013 on the playa, lighting up the desert sky to share her energy.

Marco Cochrane’s website describes the Bliss Project’s intentions:

“I believe the world is out of balance and that we need to listen to women’s voices and understand their intent.  They do not speak up as often as men.  I believe that one of the reasons for this is the systemic violence against women that has been present throughout history.  I think it’s time to take the next step in evolution, to actively create a safe environment for women and to take responsibility for our society.

The Truth Radiates - Photo/Eleanor Preger

The Truth Radiates – Photo/Eleanor Preger

Truth is Beauty and my other sculptures are intended to demand this change in perspective. They are intended to be catalysts for social change; to de-objectify women and express the basic truth of femininity, a truth that is dangerous for individual women to express.  They are a reminder of what we gain when we value women.  My hope is to inspire men and women to take action to end violence against women, thus allowing all of us to live fully and thrive.”

Marco captures 6 ft. model Deja Solis, who had always been self-conscious of her height, standing on her tip-toes, arms outstretched in a moment of self-acceptance and love.

Truth is Beauty Foundation - Photo/Sunny Tong

Truth is Beauty Foundation – Photo/Sunny Tong

“Truth is Beauty is transformative in the way she stands there and telegraphs to total strangers, ‘I am here, I am different, but I feel safe and feel accepted,'”  says Westlake Urban’s managing director Sunny Tong. “The San Leandro Community and the San Leandro Tech Campus together set a quality environment that communicates trust and accountability, and hopefully a sense of acceptance that this is where one feels comfortable, where one finds inspiration and where one can be productive and prosper.”

The negotiating and waiting process has taken about 18 months, but the campus is now ready and the foundation is complete. “I’m really excited about her becoming whole again (body, arms, head and shoulder).” Tong says assembly will likely take up to three days, starting on Monday, plus additional days testing her lighting system and programing.  Tong expects a crew of 5 to 6 will assemble TIB using a 100’ tall crane. (Video of assembly at Burning Man.)

Come down to Downtown San Leandro! Many places to eat and drink close by, including Peet’s and The Cooler, where you can bring in lunch from Taqueria Los Pericos.

Truth Is Beauty With Friends - Photo/Eleanor Preger

Truth Is Beauty With Friends – Photo/Eleanor Preger