26-mediumPick your favorite outdoor lounge chair, grab a glass of wine, order from Scolari’s  menu and then hunker down to enjoy the view of San Francisco and its Bay. Welcome to Rock Wall Wine Co.’s urban winery at Alameda Point, the old Naval Air Base in Alameda. Housed in a 40,000 foot airplane hanger, Owner and Winemaker Shauna Rosenblum is having a great time combining the art and science of wine making to craft over 40 different wines from grapes sourced from 63 vineyards throughout California.

Rock Wall Wine Co owners Kent (Dad) and Shauna Rosenblum

Rock Wall Wine Co owners Kent (Dad) and Shauna Rosenblum

Rock Wall is friendly and welcoming. “The wine industry can be stuffy and snobbish – but we are the antithesis of that,” says Shauna. “Our philosophy is that wine is delicious and should be priced so that everyone can enjoy it.” Shauna likes to share her wines. “I make what I love to drink and I have a passion for obscure varietals.” Rock Wall hosts events throughout the year to educate visitors and friends about their wines.

A spring event you may not want to miss – and the whole family is invited – Food Truck Frenzy, Mother Trucker! On Sat., May 7 from 6-9pm. More calendar details.

wineUrban Sip, their annual event, ushered in Spring  on Sat., Apr. 23. It was a music-filled Open House afternoon where you could sip amazing wines, snack on local fare and take in the San Francisco skyline across the Bay. 40 wines were pared with delectable bites from restaurants including Boyd’s BBQ, Gold Coast Grill, High Street Station Café, Noodle Theory, Whisk Cake Creations, plus many more. Rock Wall staff pulled off a fun afternoon!IMG_0707rock lineup

The Tasting Room is open 7 days a week – Mon. – Fri., 11:30am-8pm with Happy Hour from 4-6pm; Sat. & Sun., 2 grand Lake11:30-6pm.

 Rock Well Wine Co. is located at 2301 Monarch St. in Alameda at the Point (510) 522-5700.