Fish Emeryville now fills the space where Emeryville Sportfishing had its fleet of charter boats for years down in the Emeryville Marina. Many of the same boats are part of Fish Emeryville’s current fleet of eight boats – C-Gull II, Drake, New Huck Finn, New Salmon Queen, Sea Wolf, Sundance, Tigerfish and Wet Spot. Some boats have been going out daily since recreational crab season opened. Fish Emeryville provides trips out the Golden Gate as well as in the San Francisco Bay.img_2731

Just looking at the catch from one boat out of the fleet of eight, you can see that every angler that goes out fishing comes back with a limit of Dungeness crab. The New Huck Finn reports their count of 200 Dungeness crab and 200 Rockfish on 11/16 with 20 anglers going out. On 11/10 with 36 anglers going out, they had a catch of 360 Dungeness crab and 270 Rockfish.

The Sea Wolf  went out 11/17 with 28 anglers and came back with 280 Dungeness crab and 200 Rockfish.  You may have figured by now that the limit is 10 crabs per person.

Since 11/5 three boats went out daily, each carrying about 25 anglers  – so with limits of 10 ea., they were bringing in about 750 Dungeness crab a day.

It is easy to book a trip online on their website and you can buy your fishing license online also. Fish Emeryville is located at 3310 Powell Street in the Emeryville Marina.
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Andy Gulliano, Fish Emeryville Proprietor

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (510) 652-3403
Hotline: (510) 652-3474

New name. Same location. Old memorable sign.