San Franciscans and visitors love watching the sea lions down at the shore along Pier 39 or on their live sea lion cam.  They have a big chest and belly and seem pretty funny walking on all fours with their long flippers. These mammals seem to enjoy laying around lapping up the sunshine and barking boisterously. We rarely hear of them biting a human. Dr. Claire Simeone, Conservation Medicine Veterinarian for the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito suggests that the sea lion may have been injured or sick according to KGO’s coverage of an incident in December of 2017, where two sailors rescued the victim.

Roger van Hertsen

At The Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show this year US Sailing Board of Directors Member Richard Jepsen is presenting the US Sailing’s Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal to Roger van Hertsen and his father Evrand van Hertsen for their rescue of a swimmer severely injured by an attacking sea lion in San Francisco Bay December 14, 2017. The timing was everything. “It was a 60 second window,” says Van Hertsen.”We had just finished lunch and were going for a casual sail around Angel Island when I saw two heads bobbing in the water and slowed down.” The victim, 56 yr.-old Christian Einfeldt, out on his regular swim, cried out that he had been bitten by a sea lion. “I didn’t know how bad it was when I first called the Coast Guard and then saw all the blood and called them back, which escalated their response time.” Van Hertsen said anyone in his situation would have done what he did and was happy it turned out the way it did.

The awards ceremony is Saturday, April 21, 5:30 pm, in the tent outside Craneway Pavilion. The awards presentation kicks off Cruising Outpost’s Cruisers Party and raffle at 6 pm to benefit the Educational Tall Ships Foundation Project in Sausalito.

Evrand van Hertsen

Also planned is a Coast Guard Helicopter rescue on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm (dependent upon Coast Guard priorities).

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