T. Harding

USA wins Race 13 over one minute ahead of the Kiwis in another thrilling America’s Cup race.  The first race of day ten of racing was abandoned. Once again the wind was a factor in the abandonment of the race. But this time because there was not enough wind.  New Zealand was on their last leg towards the finish, far ahead of TEAM USA, when the time limit of 40 minutes forced the termination of the race. Race Day number eleven – Saturday, 9/21, Race 14 will start at 1:15pm. ETNZ only needs one more win in this first-to-win-9-points series and the Cup is theirs. Currently New Zealand has 8 wins and 8 points and USA has 5 wins and 3 points (due to a previous 2 point penalty). ORACLE needs 6 more points. Stay tuned!