Local legend, songwriter, singer and guitarist Boz Scaggs dropped in to hear Faye Carol last Sunday. Who will it be this weekend?

Fri., Mar. 3  –  Maivish. Grounded in traditional folk music, Maivish reveals the migration of traditional folk music, from the Old Country to the New World. Their performances are infused with distinct vocal harmonies and a captivating spirit, featuring Jaige Trudel on fiddle, Adam Broome on guitar and Matthew Olwell on percussion, flutes and percussive dance! According to the Back Room owner Sam Rudin, “It’s British and American folk music in three dimensions!”

Sat., Mar. 4  –   Kyle Alden, singer/songwriter, is joined by a trio of mandolin, pedal steel and bass, and will express his multi-instrumental virtuosity on poetic, award-winning songs with rich vocal harmonies.