Ohlone Dog Park is truly a find. This one acre dog park resides within the greater Ohlone Park at 190 Turquoise Drive, just a few minutes off the freeway (80). Besides the easy parking, the great thing is that it has a five foot wood and mesh fence around the perimeter with a double gate safety entrance.

There’s a large dog area and one for smaller dogs less than 30 pounds.

Really, what a breath of fresh air this time of year with the grassy knoll set against a background of gentle sloping hills in all hues of green. There is seating and shade under the Eucalyptus trees with drinking fountains all around for both dogs and their humans. The play yard also has a few agility structures for times when your dog wants to show off for you.

Though the City of Hercules does not guarantee the park is escape-proof, they have done an excellent job maintaining this dog park after the storms this winter, according to a resident dog owner. If you are on Hwy 80 and you and your dog need a break, get off on the Hercules exit and take Sycamore to Turquoise and enter a happy and serene world. It seems that the city of Hercules treasures access to nature as they have parks all over the city with nicely maintained walking and cycling trails.

Ohlone Dog Park

190 Turquoise Dr. in Hercules