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Recreational Crab Season Finally Opens

On Feb. 11, the CDFW announced the opening of recreational Dungeness crab season south of 38° 00 N Latitude (near Point Reyes in Marin County). A determination had been made that the Dungeness crab caught south of Point Reyes no longer posed a threat to human health. Restrictions still apply. (Read more from the CDFW.)

However, commercial Dungeness crab season is not open yet. Stay tuned as many think it will open any day now.

Emeryville Sportfishing’s total catch since Feb. 11, 2016: 510 Dungeness crab. On Tues. Feb. 16, one boat went out with twelve anglers, bringing home 120 Dungeness crab. Those anglers had great dinners that night and for the night after and then for lunch that next day. “Crab boats go out every day, weather-permitting. I went down to the dock today and the trip was cancelled due to the high winds,” according to Heather Rotz of Emeryville Sportfishing. “People are pretty excited to go out for the Dungeness. And the limit is 10.”

Boats are going out Fri., Feb. 19 and Feb. 26 for Sturgeon. Emeryville Sportfishing is located at 3310 Powell Street in Emeryville. You can reserve a space to go crabbing at (510) 654-6040. The shop’s Winter Hours are Tues.-Sat., 9am-4pm.