dungeness crabCrab is now on the menu! Domoic acid (produced from algae) levels have dropped significantly and Commercial Dungeness crab season is officially open. However, due to heavy surf and ongoing negotiations for pricing, crabbers didn’t go out until the next week. The season’s opening is over four months delayed due to the high levels of the Domoic acid and at this late date in the season, buyers wanted to test the crabs for quality as they molt this time of year and don’t eat. They tested whether or not their shells are soft and how much meat they have before settling on a price. Price was finally set at $2.90/lb for the fisheries which translates for  retail at about $6/lb.  Warnings are still in place for consumers not to use the cooking water and not to eat the “butter” – the viscera and guts. And you can always still put your own pots out anytime as a recreational crabber.