Announcement of the 36th America’s Cup Highlights:

  • The boat is a 75’ monohull (instead of the futuristic catamarans)
  • Design rules to be announced by March 31, 2018
  • Teams will be allowed to build two boats
  • 20% of team must hold passports or be citizens of the team’s country for 380 days between 9/1/18 and 9/1/20
  • Event to be held in Auckland in March 2021, if the infrastructure can be put in place by then. Challenger of Record Luna Rosa can move the regatta to Italy if necessary.
  • One section of the protocol speaks to keeping costs down. “An ongoing objective has always been in containing costs for teams.”
  • Read the entire 59 Page Document

    New Zealand’s helmsman Peter Burling Photo/Ricardo Pinto

Team NZ Boss Grant Dalton made the announcement. “We are delivering a fair document, a fair protocol….We have been the primary driver of foiling in multihulls. We are looking to bring that same level to the monohulls.”

Dalton said it was a dream come true that NZ and their friends and Challenger of Record Luna Rosa will be holding the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland.

ETNZ’s helmsman Peter Burling is excited about the new boats, but can’t reveal what he knows about them until the design is finalized in Nov. 2017.

35th America’s Cup 2017 in Bermuda Photo/Ricardo Pinto