Photo/Ricardo Pinto
ACEA 2017

In Race 1, day two of the 35th America’s Cup match, both teams had a good start. It was looking hopeful for ORACLE until the gybe where they lost time and New Zealand foiled ahead. In Race 2 ORACLE  could have been more aggressive at the start to gain the advantage. There was the opportunity, but they did not take it. So it was another race where we watched the Kiwis cross the finish line first. Throughout both of these races, New Zealand was just faster. Their team seemed to really work like a well-oiled machine.

Photo/Gilles Martin-Raget ACEA 2017 


“They obviously have speed,” commented ORACLE TEAM USA helmsman Jimmy Spithill at a press conference this afternoon. “They have a very strong team. Having said that, we have a strong group as well.” He said they are going to look at everything over the next five days. “Nothing will escape our eyes.”

But the pedal grinders still may be the ticket. As well as the choice of boards. Once you choose your dagger board, betting on your meteorologist’s predictions, you are stuck. And the winds can shift.

ORACLE sailed very well in the windy San Francisco Bay. But, Bermuda’s light wind situation is a different game for them.  They will be out on the water all week training for next weekend’s races, practicing their starts, tacks and gybes. We have seen them come back from behind in 20