Emeryville’s Dee Spot Café – Home to Bay Area’s Best Bagels

When you walk into Dee Spot Café at 1195 65th St in Emeryville, you immediately feel the local community vibe and a warm welcome because proprietor Channarith Vanthin cares about people from the neighborhood. He and his staff want to get to know every single customer. Serving Breakfast and Lunch all day, you might say the cuisine is Asian Fusion meets American Comfort Food.

“We strive to make flavors that cater to everyone who comes in from the community,” explains Chan. “I really care about people who walk in that door – I want to get that flavor on point for them – just how they like it. On some occasions, I even make dishes not on the menu just because my customer wants it and I’m not too busy.” Why does Chan do that? Here’s the story.

He grew up in a very poor family. Chan walked to and from school and always walked by this one diner where he would stop to buy a snack. A very nice woman, the owner, would say to him, “Sonny, how can I help you?“ She would serve him Shepherd’s Pie or Mac & Cheese. According to Chan, these were his go-to comfort food. “And the diner lady would make it and not charge me.

“I like that warm family feeling – I like when the owner knows you and you can customize and make food you want. I am passionate to put forth the effort and energy to create great tasting food that hits home.”

Dee Spot’s house-made bagels were recently hailed by the SF Chronicle as one of the best bagels in the Bay Area. Chan said that making the bagels is a process that entails lots of critical thinking and monitoring. His secret is aging the dough carefully. “We use filtered water to boil the bagels before baking. We want a slow rise on the yeast so we put it in the fridge for 2-3 days, instead of leaving it out to rise.”

A lot of attention is paid to the bagels and they are a big hit for catering office meetings – either pickup or delivery. Toppings include avocado, along with cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, jam, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, capers and lox on weekends. Order a day ahead of time and they are ready for pickup or delivery the next day. Bagels can be ordered for delivery online through ezcater, DoorDash or UberEats.

Their Espresso coffees have many milk offerings and Lunch has something for everyone – from the Breakfast Sandwich to the Prahok Sach-ko steak rice bowl to the Loaded Bacon BLT. Dee Spot also offers a colorful variety of iced teas.

Dee Spot Cafe roasts their own beans for these artistic Espresso beverages

Customers’ favorite appetizers are the Fusion Samosas. There is the Brekkie, Taco, Angkor, Burmese and Veggie. They are similar to an egg roll but are made with a flaky triangle shaped dough.

The Emeryville community vibe is welcoming at Dee Spot Cafe. When asked why he chose Emeryville, Chan said Emeryville was an accident – he happened to be in the right place at the right time – and now he is passionate about the community. Chan’s parting words, “We put a lot of love and care into our bagels. Order a couple of dozen for your office.”

Hours: Daily 7am-2:30pm – 1195 65th St – 510.879.7026

About Chan Vanthin

Channarith Vanthin, proprietor of Dee Spot Cafe, roasting coffee beans

Before opening Dee Spot Cafe, Chan hosted pop-ups in NY, LA, SF and Emeryville as a certified Chef on Feastly. He has also taught cooking classes at ITK (In the Kitchen) Culinary in Emeryville. Chan focuses on artisan style food and wants Emeryville to be part of the Best Cities for Bagels in the US.

Lots of Comic Books and board games

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Rosie Rally & its After Party in Richmond Saturday, August 10. Don’t Miss the Fun!

Rosie Rally Home Front Festival & Riggers Loft Rosie Rally ‘After Party’

Details on the Rosie Rally:

WHEN: August 10, 2019 – 11am-4pm

WHERE: Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South in Richmond

WHAT: Celebrate the legacy of Rosie the Riveter, an icon for women across the world in this free and fun family-friendly event with festivities, great food, costume contests, dancing and more! View the Rosie Rallies here.

  • Speeches & recognition honoring original WWII Rosies and home front workers and celebrating the ordinary people from many backgrounds, races and communities across the U.S. who stepped up to extraordinary challenges during WWII.
  • Original Rosies available after the programto share stories about their education, training, and work during World War II. Their groundbreaking efforts were hailed as critical to the war effort and to breakthroughs for women in the workplace.
  • Historical WWII and park themed activities
  • Welding demonstrations taught by the Northern California Carpenters Union
  • Shipyard badge making
  • Educational victory gardening
  • Bay Trail history walk. At 2pm gather at the Richmond Museum of History table to start the 2.5-mile Home Front History Hike along the Richmond waterfront at Marina Bay. Enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco, get some fresh air and exercise and learn about local history with Karen Buchanan and John Gioia.
  • A chance to board a real WWII Jeep
  • Opportunity to visit Shipyard 3 and go aboard the Red Oak Victory ship to learn about ship construction
  • Marine conservation demonstrations
  • East Bay Regional Parks’ Nature Van with local reptiles
  • Golden Gate Parks/One Tam nature van.
  • Films at the National Park Visitor Center
  • Assemble Restaurant and food trucks throughout the day
  • Stage performances in a variety of 40’s musical styles provided by East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
  • New this year! Instead of breaking the Guinness record, Rosie the Riveter Trust encourages everyone to update Rosie or represent home front occupations in creative ways, or to come in traditional garb to join the largest Rosie celebration and festival yet!
  • Find Directions, Details on Contests & Activities and What to Wear here
  • Join 510-Waterline’s Just Paddle Rosie the Riveter 9-10:30am, Saturday, August 10 at Marina Bay

The After Party at Riggers Loft

After you have attended the Rosie Rally, Riggers Loft invites you to come to their wine & cider tasting bar dressed as Rosie! Anyone wearing a Rosie outfit, or wearing a Rosie Rally wristband will enjoy all day long (open Saturday 1-10pm):

  • $2 off glasses of wine or cider
  • 20% off bottles of wine or cider

Riggers Loft is located at 1325 Canal St across from the Red Oak Victory Ship on beautiful San Francisco Bay. Stay and watch the sunset. Food Truck – The Eating.


Sunset at Riggers Loft Wine Co.






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SF’s Pier 39 Marina Joins Emeryville & Alameda Marinas’ Fight Against Pollution with Ocean Vacuums!

Seabin Project Celebrates a New Seabin Installation!

Seabin Project, the Aussie innovation that’s tackling marine plastic pollution and educating the next generation of ocean savers, installed a new Seabin in the Pier 39 Marina  Thursday, July 11th.  This is the area where families gather to watch the sea lions. Why is this so important?

The Seabin is a device created to reduce, and ultimately eliminate pollution in our oceans. Seabins act as a trash can for our waters and have the ability to remove microplastics, microfibers, plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts and more. You should see what people throw into our waterways. Many people are not familiar with the direct link between climate change and marine plastic pollution. But, out of the 320 million metric tons of new plastic mass-produced each year – almost all from oil – 8 million tons leak into the world’s oceans and waterways. Youv’e seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? At last sampling there were 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the patch that weigh an estimated 80,000 tons. Since Seabin Project was co-founded by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two avid ocean lovers, there have been Seabins installed in over 40 countries. What does this mean? Each day, a total of 1.95 tons of waste is extracted from our oceans. (Learn more about their innovative technology here.)

But Seabin Project doesn’t just stop with cleaning up our oceans. Their mission is to live in a world where the Seabin technology is not necessary, so they have dedicated their time to educate communities across the world about how to fight the plastic pandemic through concepts of reactive + preventative solutions and implementing Ocean Plastic STEM learning programs. (Learn more about Seabin’s education programs here.)

Seabins were installed in the Emeryville Marina and Alameda’s Ballena Isle Marina in  December of 2017, as their marina management company, Safe Harbor, participated in the Seabin Project’s global pilot study, and continues to install Seabins in all the marinas they manage. Pier 39 Marina’s Seabin is expected to remove 3 tons of marine pollution from San Francisco waters by end of 2019

Some Numbers:

Pete Ceglenski at the Ocean Summit. Photo/ Pedro Martinez/Volvo Ocean Race. 18 October, 2017.

  • Total number of Seabins installed worldwide: 719
  • Number of plastic bags that one Seabin can collect each year: 90,000
  • Number of plastic bottles that one Seabin can collect each year: 11,900
  • Total amount of marine litter captured to date: 114,916 kg  (over the last 2.5 years)
  • Total amount of marine litter captured each day: 1,952.33 kg

Co-founder Pete Ceglinski hosted a presentation at the  installation in San Francisco’s PIER 39 Marina Thursday, July 11th, 2019. He and his family are


Seabin Project co-founders Pete Ceglinski & Andrew Turton

Here’s how it all started. Two life-long surfer friends from Australia, appalled by the plastic and debris pollution in our waters, set out to clean up the ocean. They wanted to create a garbage bin that would collect the floating plastic. This got them started cleaning up the marine environment, one marina at a time. How? With the V5 Seabin, a floating vacuum filter device they invented that works like an ocean vacuum 24/7 continuously collecting floating debris – plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, detergent and more. Over two years Seabin Project co-founders Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton secured partners for a pilot study into the effectiveness of the seabin and now the Seabin Project has  evolved into a comprehensive research, educational and technology initiative with worldwide reach, including educational tools for students to get on board. The Seabin Project team believes that each child that learns to dispose of litter properly will grow to be one less source person for pollution of our oceans and waterways. Currently, according to Jambeck Research, 8.1M tons of mismanaged waste enters our oceans every year.

Here’s how it works:

  • The seabin is installed in a specific problem debris area, attached to a dock.
  • Water is filtered from the surface and passed through a catch bag inside the Seabin, powered by a submersible water pump.
  • Water is then pumped back into the water leaving the litter and debris trapped in the catch bag. Larger pieces of plastic may attach themselves to the bin.
  • Marina operators need to empty the catch bag at least twice a day, as it holds up to two pounds.

What are you doing to reduce your own plastic consumption? Make a climate action promise today!




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Pt. Richmond Outdoor Summer Music Festival Starts Friday, June 14! 

WHEN: Friday June 14th, 5:30-7:45pm. Concerts take place the 2nd Friday of each month from 5:30-7:45pm with a final extra concert on the last Friday of September.

WHERE: Corner of Park Place and Washington Avenue in historic downtown Point Richmond.

WHAT: Pt. Richmond Outdoor Summer Music Festival

WHO: Gator Nation + The Pascal Bokar Afro Blue Grazz Band open the 2019 Outdoor Summer Musical Festival Season

Friday, June 14:

5: 30 – 6:30pm Gator Nation – Cajun/Zydeco; New Orleans R&B

6:45 – 7:45pm The Pascal Bokar Afro Blue Grazz Band – West African Fusion Bluegrass, Jazz, R&B

View the whole summer music lineup.

More about the Pt. Richmond Music

These concerts are FREE to the public because a dedicated group of folks work hard to bring these events to fruition with fundraising and volunteer efforts. Sponsors include: Atchison Village Credit Union, City of Richmond ECIA Grant Program, Feagley Realtors, Golden Gate meat Co., M.A. Hayes CO., Mechanics Bank, MSH Group, Pt. Richmond Neighborhood COuncil, Republic Services Inc., Richmond Development CO. LLC, Richmond Gateway Foundation, Sim’s Metal Management, Svendsen’s Bay Marine and Wareham Development.

Our current Mayor Tom Butt was the brainchild behind the concerts when he moved here from Arkansas and had a large parking lot behind his architectural firm. The concert series was such a hit it moved from the parking lot to take over the street in Pt. Richmond. SF on the Bay  caught up with someone who helped introduce us to the community when we first created the Richmond Trail Guide – local Pt. Richmond Music board member and resident Kim Paternoster, who said she got involved with the concerts about seven years ago.

SFOTB: What drew you in? 

KAP: Well, initially it was because I lived in Point Richmond and my best friend, Pam Dewitt, and her husband were on the board. One of the fun things about living here is this concert series in the summer. So, I started going to the concerts to hang out with friends, hang out downtown, and listen to the cool music. I wanted to help out though, because I’m a resident here and I loved what they were doing. I also have a background in music (degree in classical performance), and I pretty much love music in general. I started going to the listening meetings, and saw that they needed to be more efficient. So, I initially took over the role of managing the listening meetings to make them more efficient and get through listening to 100+ bands so we could select our season.

SFOTB: What is your role now?

KAP: I finally was asked to be on the board two years ago. I manage the listening meetings (now we have over 180+ submissions). I also work directly with the bands, making sure they get paid, we get all the contracts signed and greeting them before the concerts and making sure they have drinks and snacks. I’m basically the band point person. I also built the current website, and I manage and host that.

SFOTB: What do you like most about the Outdoor Festivals?

KAP: It’s a great way during the summer to get together with the rest of the community. We have a huge turnout of people, and the bands are all really great. Friends see friends they haven’t seen in a year (or since yesterday). There’s a beer and margarita tent, and food trucks. Downtown Point Richmond on a summer night is beautiful!

SFOTB: What does it do for Pt. Richmond?

KAP: I think the concerts help make the community a little more solid. We have a wide diversity of bands too, because Richmond is such a diverse city. Last year, we had a gospel group from Richmond followed up by a Bollywood/Blues band, and we always have at least one Latin band. Our audiences love our concerts, and we’ve had such amazing submissions that it’s been hard to select just 8 bands. This year, we easily could have had 30 bands performing.

Don’t miss out! Join the Pt. Richmond community and have some fun in this historic town. Local restaurants are open on concert nights, offering a wide array of cuisine. The event features art by The Arts of Point Richmond, face painting for children,and dancing in the street.

Shops and restaurants are waiting for your visit! Voted Best Outdoor Festival by East Bay Express’ Best of the East Bay. As they say in Pt. Richmond: The Point is Music!

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New! Live Music on the Patio @ Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café!

Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café, a modern version of a retro diner serving comfort food and drinks with a passion for creating community in Emeryville, is now restoring ‘nightlife’  to Emeryville with Live Music on the Patio!

Here’s the lineup so far:

Rudy’s will be adding more dates and artists to the current lineup. Stay tuned. Want your group featured on Rudy’s Patio? Contact Doug [email protected] or 510.594.1221

Did you know?

  • Breakfast is served all day long at Rudy’s
  • Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café’s name was inspired by by the song Rudie Can’t Fail by the Clash
  • Rudy’s BLAT sandwich (a BLT with avocado) was featured on Lonely Planet‘s A field guide to 20 great American sandwiches

Hours: Daily 7am-1am

Happy Hour: M-F 2-7p, serving $4 pints & $5 tacos

About Rudy’s

A modern version of a retro diner serving comfort food and drinks, Rudy’s was born from a desire to create a restaurant where people of all walks of life can feel welcome and eat honest food in a fun atmosphere. They are committed to serving their community with an eatery that is reasonably priced, family friendly and cares about your well-being. Awesome weekend brunch! Breakfast served all day and music now rocks the town on weekends. Check their website for menus and special events!  510.594.1221

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