Mon., July 22 Artemis Racing put its second AC72 boat into the water in Alameda. The team will now begin training for the Louis Vuitton Cup

Artemis Racing launch and Christening

Artemis Racing launch

semi-finals, which start on Aug. 6 in San Francisco Bay. Listen to  their heartwarming story of coming back from the tragic loss of crewmember Andrew Simpson, who died May 9, when Artemis’ boat capsized in the Bay.

Sander van der Borch/Artemis Racing

Sander van der Borch/Artemis Racing

The entire team witnessed the christening of the Blue Boat, Artemis Racing, dockside in Alameda in front of Syndicate founder Torbjörn Törnqvist, who attended the  morning ceremony along with 300 members of Artemis Racing, including family and friends.