James Kirchgassner and his Sea Scouts group, SSS Northland, will be maintaining an exhibit at the the 2019 Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show this Thursday though Sunday down by the in-water displays. He shared his story with SF on the Bay.

SFOTB: Hi James, thank you for talking to us about your experiences in the Sea Scouts. Let’s start with the easy question. How old are you?

James: I’m 18.

SFOTB: And when did you start in sea scouts?

James: In the Summer of 2016. I turned 16 during that year’s summer cruise.

SFOTB: Nice! Do you remember why you joined?

James: I think the main reason was my Mom had found it because she had a friend of a friend who was part of the Coyote Point Yacht Club in San Mateo so we got to go out on a sailboat a couple of times and that reminded her that my cousin had liked the Sea Scouts so she looked for a group in Richmond. So what we were looking for was a sailing camp or something like that and that’s what she expected Sea Scouts to be, but when we got there, instead of a sailboat there was this giant 102 foot diesel ship. So there was this big cool ship and right away there was a cruise down the coast to Santa Cruz, Long Beach and Catalina island and it sounded good to me!