What are you doing Sunday?

Join us Sunday, November 10th from 11:30a-4p at the annual Bay Front Chamber Women’s Day Luncheon & Expo where the atmosphere is friendly, fun, and maybe even a little bit joyful. And definitely beneficial to your overall well-being!

Every year 400 business and community women gather together at the Crockett Community Center at 850 Pomona St in Crockett, to relax with wine and chair massages, reconnect with old friends, make new connections, accomplish some early holiday shopping, have a great lunch  together, and learn something to enrich their lives.

This year Author, Wanda Lee-Stevens and founder of BOOK YOUR LIFE bookshop will speak. Wanda believes that, “Every life is a series of books.” And that everyone has great stories to tell.

As women, we have historically been the gatekeepers and the space holders of the stories for our families. We co-create them, we curate them, we share them. And of course we can produce them in many book and book-like forms.

Whether your story is a sacred poem, a series of recipes, an enchanted essay, a photo journal or America’s next greatest novel, it can be done and it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It can actually be a lot of fun!

You start with the vision, plan and hold the space and that is all you need to begin your journey to make it happen.

A tradition of this event is a mad scramble clothing exchange. Bring those fabulous clothes you just don’t wear, and pick up something new – it’s fun and free. Left over clothing and proceeds of the event are donated to the Grateful Garment Project, which provides victims of sexual violence the clothing and other resources they need to reclaim their dignity and begin the healing process.

This Bayfront Chamber event happens because of our generous Community Sponsors: Phillips 66, Crockett REC, Powder Keg Pub, Kelaire, Le Chat, and C&H.

Catering provided by Powder Keg Pub.

Register now. Don’t miss out! Tickets are $20 and are available through Eventbrite or at:

  • Sugar City Pet Supply, 1308 Pomona St., Crockett
  • The Garden of Gems, 668 Quinan St., Pinole
  • Powder Keg Pub, 2132 Railroad Ave., Hercules
  • Rodeo Hardware, 670 Parker Ave., Rodeo

More info BayFrontChamber/Events or call 510.741.7945

You can reach Wanda Lee-Stevens at (888)444-7552 [email protected]