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Ginger’s Story

Ginger had her first swim late in life, at age ten, and decided she loved the ocean. But, San Francisco Bay on a boat was a different story. First of all she thought the life jacket ruined her look. But I think she was actually glad to be wearing it.

Ginger’s favorite lookout really was down below lying flat on the floorboard shivering and holding on for dear life the best she could with her skinny paws. Meanwhile she convinced Parker to wear the life jacket. When she got braver, she ventured out to enjoy the shrieks of the seagulls and follow the seals as they surfaced close to the boat.

Ginger’s logo:

Ginger’s friend and neighbor Peter Hobbs Di Grazia is the brilliant artist behind the Ginger’s World logo. He was walking her or she him on the beach one day and she just ran up off the beach into the back of everyone’s beachfront houses at Stinson, traipsing through their patios looking for leftovers from last night’s grill. She liked being a forager on her own and aloof, oblivious to anyone’s call. Peter finally came back with her hours later and said, “It’s Ginger’s World. And we all just live in it.”  Thanks to Peter for his  design work. PS Ginger truly did love him.