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A place for four-legged traveling companions. Coming soon: Pet gear for your fellow traveler and tips from our experienced sailing community.

We will be posting more dog store goodies soon. Look forward to Boat Ladders, Water Toys and Puzzles.

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Purchase Doggie Lifejacket

This is a life saver! Life Jacket comes in size XS to XL depending on weight of dog. Free shipping $40-$53.  Email us with size and we will send billing info. XS 7-15#, S 15-20#, M 20-50#, L 50-90# and XL 90#

Why a life jacket?

Even though dogs can swim, they too will get tired in rough seas or paddling for a long time. The life jacket will keep them afloat. And the handles allow you to pull your dog out of the water if necessary.

Ginger’s Story

Ginger had her first swim late in life, at age ten, and decided she loved the ocean. But, San Francisco Bay on a boat was a different story. First of all she thought the life jacket ruined her look. But I think she was actually glad to be wearing it.