When it’s time to drop your car off at Big O for new tires, but you don’t want to sit around in the waiting room perusing the dusty old Motor Trend magazines; just walk across the street and get a haircut. Or just hang out and talk with the owners or sharpen your billiards skills. You can do it all at Hooligans Barber Lounge & Shave Spa at  2256 Washington Ave. in San Leandro.

Handsome Hooligans has the air of an old-fashioned barber shop with a modern twist. “We wanted that old school approach for the shop, but with a modern attitude,” says James Martinez, co-owner and barber. After many years working for other people, he and his cousin Armando Ortiz decided to open their own shop and they now have four more barbers working with them.

Just as all the new brewpubs introduced games like ping pong and bocce, Handsome Hooligan’s offers up pool. It really is a comfortable place to hang out across from Big O. And dogs are welcome.

(About the name: The Compact Oxford English Dictionary states that the word hooligan may have originated from the surname of a rowdy Irish family in a music hall song of the 1890s.)