Tackling the World’s Plastic Pollution – One Marina at a Time. Seabin Project Launches Pilot Study.

 It’s ready to go! Our friends at the Seabin Project designed and produced an automated rubbish bin that catches floating rubbish, oil, plastics, fuel and detergents. Seabins will be placed at docks in the world’s marinas as the first step to tackling water pollution. With a passion for protecting our …

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Emeryville Fire Services Division Chief Wins Emeryville’s Ninth Shortest Triathlon Ever!

Emeryville Fire Services (Alameda County Fire Dept.) Division Chief Dave Winnacker (278) finished the Shortest Triathlon Ever with a time of  25:37 taking first place and winning the event. Malachi Leopold from Oakland finished second with a time of 26:43 and Michael Blair from San Francisco finished third with a …

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